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When passion meets nutrition



Why Candy Shock Shop?


We created Candy Shock Shop with the careful consideration to create something totally crazy, highly effective & new.

We thought about how we could invigorate the sport , fitness & bodybuilding industry with brand new styles and ideas., but also to offer our customers products with maximum dosed highly effective ingredients. This is what motivated us to make an idea a reality, to  adapt to the modern era of social marketing, 90s children & cyberpunk trendsetters; to combine trendy art with hardcore bodybuilding. 

This is why we are here to make a stand against the boring & crooked industry. This is why we are the best.

How we started


It all started with an idea between two industry giants.

We have been working in this business for years.

This is how we got the chance to get to know the fitness and nutrition market and why we wanted to create a new way in presenting nutrition. A way which might look alien to the most, but  spark curiosity in all with our freaky eye-catching design & hardcore formulations.

Teamspirit to each & everyone


Our mission is to support and lift up each other.

For together we are stronger than ever, this is how we think.

Thats why we have a team full of passionate fitness enthusiasts, athletes, designers who put their love into Candy Shock Shop and that is why benevolence is priority.

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