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Updated: Aug 13, 2018

As a big thank you for all your support, we had decided to slash the prices ON EVERYTHING. Last weekend saturday at 20:00 (8pm), we reduced all products -30% till 24:00 (12pm) Sunday.

The offer is now over, but you can be sure we will have much more deals like this in the future.

Thank you very much everybody.

Want to try the hardest hitting booster on the market? This is your time to do so. Savage Shock will blow your mind and give you the craziest workouts of your life.

  • Huge power

  • Massive energy

  • Moster Pumps

  • Build more muscle and burn more fat.

Get in shape with the only multiple pathway weightloss product. Burn fat through 5 pathways, destroy hunger, reduce water weight, highten energy and improve mood.

  • Huge Energy Increase.

  • Abolish hunger cravings.

  • Block A2 recptors.

  • Increase thermogenesis.

  • Shed fat quicker than ever.

Alpha Shock is the only free testosterone product availible. That means your body not only will produce a ton of testosterone, but actually transport and use it.

  • Increase testosterone production.

  • Increase free-testosterone delivery.

  • Amplify libido.

  • Post cycle hormon regulatation.

Cell shock is an all round intra workout replacing 4 different supplements. It is like combining your BCAA drink with your vitamin/mineral pak, pump booster and muscle builder. It truely is one of a kind in this oversaturated industry of simple amino supplements.

Hydra SHOCK is formulated to increase the amount of muscle cell creatine better than any creatine you have ever used. By pulling in more water into the muscle cells, you very get much stronger, crank out more reps and build more muscle

You can immediately see the effects of Tiger Rage. You will feel as if you are bursting into flames and becoming bigger and bigger every rep. The pump is very real with Tiger Rage and after using it, you will never want to work out without it ever again.

Our promise is big, but we definitely delivered with this one. Smiley was made for one idea in particular. Create something to make everyday seem like the best day ever and to make sure it is suited for everybody. Jack up energy, brain power and mood better than anything on the market.

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