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How to loose weight. Simplfied

In this day and age, there is too much information for too many things, BUT not everything has to be over complicated. Here is everything explained as easy as possible and how you can get your summer body.

Guarenteed success with all steps.

Rule number 1, read through all the easy to understand summerized steps and follow them. These steps will help you, but always remember that we are only human and the loose 10Lbs with one pill DOES NOT EXIST. Don't belive the criminal advertisment seen on TV, Facebook or anywhere else. Loosing weight the fastest way will still take longer than you expect.

I will now go into the simplist way and not the hardcore most effective way.

Step1: Calories in vs calories out.

It is as simple as that. You body will use it's own energy which happens to be the fat on your body if you eat less than what you burn. All you have to do is eat a little less than what your body needs.

The question is how much should you eat?

It is best to calculate what you actually need, but that can be a little complicated, so here is something to atleast look at if you need an average amount.

* Please note, this is just an average person with extra weight from fat, not muscle.

Average BMR excluding activity

  • 60kg 1400

  • 65kg 1475

  • 70kg 1550

  • 75kg 1625

  • 80kg 1700

  • 85kg 1775

  • 90kg 1850

  • 100kg 1925

  • 110kg 2000

  • 120kg 2050

Step 2: Don't plan on carbs

Chances are, if you eat according to plan, you will enduldge in more so to make it easier for you, just don't count on eating starchy carbs. Replace them for as much green vegetables as you want.

No Rice, no potatoes, no bread, no oatmeal, no pasta, NO SUGARY TREATS BUT don't hold back when eating vegetables. Get as full as possible.

Here are our recommendations:

Broccoli, Zucchini, Asparagus, assorted Salads, Cucumber, Spinach, Artichokes, Paprika, Peppers, Sprouts, Garlic, Tomatoes, Onions

Step 3: Understand the science of hunger

I got good news and bads news what you already know. You will feel hungry, but it's possible to feel it once and only for a very short time.

Everytime you eat, your body will release a nutrient transporting hormone called Insulin. Insulin will deliver your body will nutrients and stop fatloss, so Insulin is very bad. Once your food is digested, your body will produce the hunger hormone Ghrelin and feel hungry again. You eat, you get hungry, you eat, you get hungry.

So many little meals per day is actually THE WORSE THING you can do, so never listen to an old school bodybuilder or out to date educated doctor or nutritionist.

The key lies in Intermittent Fasting

If many meals per day makes you feel hungry 5 times and 1 meal per day make you feel hungry once, then it is obvious what is going to be easy.

After an average of 10-12 of not eating anything, you will start to feel hungry, BUT hold off a little longer, because an average of 40-60min later your hunger will disapear and you will NEVER feel hungry.

Your body starts to realise that it is not getting anything and stop producing the hunger hormone Ghrelin. Instead it starts producing a ton of the fat burning hormone GH (Growth Hormone) and increase focus and energy by releasing adrenaline. By not eating, you will get less hungry, burn fat faster and have more energy.

NEVER FORGET what I am going to say now. You will Never loose muscle from intermittent fasting. Never. Fasting will also not make you weaker or have less energy.

Start off by calculating your sleeping time and not eating breakfast. Start slow with 8 hrs sleep + 4hrs without food. Thats 12 hours fasting. Slowly improve the length till you have a smaller eating period. 16hr fasting + 8hr hour eating is great, but if you can push that up to 20hrs fasting + a 4hr eating period is even better.

1 huge meal per day is even better.

Step 4: Do what you love

We all know it is recommended to do strainious cardio or do a heavy lifting workout to burn more calories, but that is something the industry has been feeding us, so that we buy more Nike shoes, sport clothes, supplements, gym accesories and more magazines that will manipulate us to buy more. Advertising is everywhere so don't do something you don't want to do.

Do get us wrong. Going to gym is a fantastic idea and burning more calories will get to your goal quicker, but do it at your own pace.

Think about what you like to do or normally do. If you have to walk the dog, then go for a decent walk a little further and enjoy the scenery.

If you wanted to start nordic walking, basketball, yoga, boxing or an activity you always wanted to try, then go ahead.

Instead of going to gym and feel bad about what others think, rather go for a decent walk.

Fast walking is great and very effective and after a while of experience, then you can start to put in more effort and sign up to a gym.

A gym is a great idea, because when you are there, you are more likely to do more than expected, but never forget, do it at your own pace.

Step 5: Throw the scale out of the window

This is very important, because almost every person is affected by this. Standing on the scale and seeing how you are 1-2 kgs (2.2-4.4 Lbs) heavier can be a motivation killer. The truth is, you can get 5 Kgs (10.5 Lbs) heavier within 24 hrs. It all lies in your food and water you drink.

Weight is muscle, fat, water, glycogen and intenstinal filling.

If you eat more, you will save more energy and not immediately put on fat. This is why weight can fluctuate the entire time so only use the scale once every 2 weeks. The mirror and pants are your friend. Seeing pants getting bigger or your body getting defined is a much better way to track your progress.

We hope we could summarise an easy way to loose weight. It will always be hard on the beginning, but many products on the market can help quite a lot.

Burn more calories, reduce hunger, increase energy and motivation. Many can get you to your goals much quicker.

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