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Hydration is key to your success.

Pulling in water with salt or creatine is a terrible thought right? That couldn't be further from the truth belive it or not and here is why.

Go home History, you're drunk.

We have been tought to belive that too much salt is very bad and that creatine makes you look like the pillsbury muffin boy. Thanks to industra marketing or falsch information, we have been let to belive absolutely BS.

Not only your enemy salt aka sodium, but various electrolytes are highly needed for intra muscular water retention and muscle comminication.

This means, if you don't sustain proper cell hydration, you will be weak, cramp up, react slower and feel skinny.

These minerals in combination with water are responsible for pulling in nutrients. Responsible for absorbing more amino acids and more glycogen.

So what are these minerals?

  • Chloride

  • Magnesium

  • Potasium

  • Calcium

  • Phosphate

  • Bicarbonate

2 heads are better than one.

Creatine has a similar job aswell. Having enough creatine and electrolytes will pump you you with water. Retaining liquid and even more nutritents in your muscle cells.


So get that out of your head. This is why you get so strong from creatine. You body gets so much stronger when hydrated so it's only logical to find something that ticks off your requirements and drink enough water. Especially during the hot summer days.

Keep yourself hydrated. Adding an electrolyte and creatine flavoured product will keep your gains from turining into Sponge Bob.

Picture: @migueldunkl

We got you covered with the underestimated!

We place very high emphasis on hydration and that is why we wanted to go out of the box of conventional products and create a creatine and intra-workout supp and has extra electrolyte and not just adding them, going overboard with the dosage.Both CELL SHOCK and HYDRA SHOCK are jacked up with the essentials you really need so you can become stronger, fuller and keep muscle growth ramped up in overdrive.
Jacked up with the essentials you really need so you can become stronger, fuller and keep muscle growth ramped up in overdrive.
Info: Hydra Shock

CELL SHOCK ist your go to micronutrient amino product. We went full bananas when creating this full nutrient BCAA formula
Info: Cell Shock

Nourish to flourish

A gallon drinking bottle is a fantastic idea to have with. By adding either Cell Shock and/ or Hydra Shock, you are able to give your body the neccessary nutrients throughout the day.

Whether you are an pro athlete, sportsman, dancer or bodybuilder, simply sipping during activity is a great way to keep you fully hydrated and loaded with nutrients.

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Buy Cell Shock and or Hydra Shock and become your own superhero.

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