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Burn up to 17 x more fat with Oxy

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

After 14 years of experience in the field of scientific supplementation, It had taken us almost a year of research to find the perfect combination of ingredients and dosage to hit our milestone.

We had created the most powerful fatburner, FULLSTOP!

Targeting all pathways of weightloss

Our first mission was to target the missing link 99% of all weightloss products have. Not only to increase calorie expenditure in multiple pathways, but the ability to be able to tap into your adipose tissue and retrieve the fat to actually be able even burn the fat you have.

No point in trying to burn more fat if your body can't or won't offer what it already has.

This is why Oxy Shock is the best to deliver your fat stores into the bloodstream and burn off a colossal amount more fat by turning you into a thermogenic furnace, increase thyroid production, reduce water weight and super charge your metabolic rate.Instagram Selfies will never be the same again. .

✔️ Super Power Energy ✔️ Block A2 Receptors. ✔️ Amplify Fat burning. ✔️ Increase T3  Thyroid Hormone. ✔️ Shed Subcutaneous water. ✔️ Increase thermogenisis. ✔️ Destroy stubborn fat areas. ✔️ Destroy Free Radicals and Cortisol. ✔️ Increase Brain Function, Focus & energy. SEE FULL NUTRITION FACTS. Next Generation in Sport, Fitness & Bodybuilding Supplementation.

Increase your overall BMR and burn more calories while doing the things you want.

Stubborn fat no more

Your body hates to loose weight. It will always want to store energy and survive as long as possible. This is why it can be so hard for many to loose that stubborn belly or thigh fat.

Oxy Shock targets the receptor responsible for blocking fat delivery and stomps it into the floor.

You can now easily burn those hard to loose areas with ease.

Those days of complaining and working extra hard to loose fat are over. Start now and get your Oxy Shock today.

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