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Top nootropics for more brainpower and energy!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

It took us many hours, days and months to think up another product that seperates us from the rest of the industry.

"How about something for a houswife" was mentioned. From something that sounded like a strange idea, we started working on a mind power supplement. Something everybody, whether you are a businessman, athlete, houswife, gamer or even a student.

We created Smiley®, a product that will boost brain cognivity, enhance energy and bump up well being & mood.

We did it. A product for everyone was tick off on our accomplishment calender.

Packed with powerful nootropics, Smiley® with help with all business and study tasks.

Great for gamers wanting to get the extra edge and improve hand-eye coordination.

First ever real powderless pre-workout supp.

Another way Smiley® really helps, is the obvious. Working out!

Depending on your tolerance, 1-2 capsules is more than enough to jack up your workout. You will feel a crazy amount of energy and motivation. Just stick your favorite music into your ears and immediately switch off from the world. Lazer focus like no other.

Whether Smash bros, Starcraft, DOTA, FIFA or even fortnite, game like a frikken pro.

The gaming world has growen to extreme hights and E-sports have become more popular than ever. Becoming a pro means just as much as pro football, rugby or golf. A lot is on the line and you have to become the best you can offer. Smiley® will get you keep your focus on the game and improve your headshot count, hero kills, goal scores or base building*

You can find Smiley® online at and at local retailers.


*Many professional organisations run drug test and stimulants during a pro tournament is not advisable. Ignoring the rules might get you banned. Please consult your organisation or league advisor.

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